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pinstriping, striping tape, auto striping, vinyl striping
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



  • What credit cards do you accept?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Online. For American Express, you can Call or Fax In your order FAX/MAIL ORDER LINK HERE

Automotive Graphics & Striping

  • How do I install an auto graphic on my car?
    Click here for details
  • How do I install a stripe on my car?
    Click here for details
  • I have a 1973 Firebird / 1984 Ford / 1989 Yugo, do you have graphics for it?
    All of our stock kits are available for viewing online.  However, if you would like a custom graphic made for your vehicle, or a stock graphic altered to fit your vehicle, please contact us and we can work out a quotation for you.
  • I have a 1973 Firebird / 1984 Ford / 1989 Yugo, do you think the XYZ graphic will look good on it / what size do you think will look good on it?
    Unfortunately, it's difficult for us to answer this kind of question.  There are so many different makes and models of cars, it's hard to say what graphic would look good on a particular vehicle.  You could ask your friends for their opinions, or go to a local dealership if possible to see what they have on their vehicles...  In the end, though, it's just a matter of personal preference and what YOU think would look good on your car!
  • I have a 1973 Firebird / 1984 Ford / 1989 Yugo, do you have a photo of the XYZ graphic installed on my make/model vehicle so I know what it will look like before I buy?
    We sell graphics and striping to locations all over North America - it's difficult if not impossible to know what types of vehicles they will eventually be used on.  However, in the future we may have a contest for our customers to send photos of the graphics that they have installed - stay tuned for more information!
  • I just bought a graphic, but I'm not sure if it will fit my vehicle.  Can I return it?
    Sorry, no.  We like to refer to the old carpenter's standby, "measure twice, cut once," i.e. know what space size you are trying to fill before you purchase.  If the graphic you would like is too large, it can be somewhat trimmed and resized with an Xacto knife - if the graphic is too small, consider adding some coordinating pinstriping to extend the graphic.  Otherwise, we do not accept returns unless there is a material defect (please refer to our Shipping Policies)
  • I bought some striping a while back, and want to get more in the same color, but I don't see the color listed.  Is it still available?
    If there is a pinstriping color that you would like but you don't see listed, please contact us, and we will see if we can get it for you!  Sometimes colors are discontinued, but we try to keep the most generally popular nationwide colors in stock.
  • I want to put a graphic or striping on my boat.  Will it work?
    Yes, provided that the graphic or striping is installed above the waterline.  It is ok to have some occasional splashing, but regular vinyl graphics and striping are not designed to be completely underwater.

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